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“Not Just Immigration and Ticking the Boxes”- Why MoveMyTalent Should Be A Part Of Your Organization’s Employee Value Proposition

“Not Just Immigration and Ticking the Boxes”- Why MoveMyTalent Should Be A Part Of Your Organization’s Employee Value Proposition - image
MoveMyTalent: Relocation and talent integration experts

Relocation and Immigration is not a Piece of Cake…

The thought of relocating is thrilling; how wonderful it is to experience a new country, culture and build a new life. However, it also involves uprooting one’s life, leaving behind familiar surroundings, and often moving to a completely new country, climate and culture. The stress and uncertainties that come with relocation can take a toll on employees, affecting their performance and job satisfaction.

While Estonia is taking small steps towards making the immigration processes more understandable to the wider audience, going through the paperwork and recognizing all potential details in different scenarios is still quite tiresome and stressful – especially if having to go through it for the first time.

The Challenge of Retaining Talent Post-Relocation

One of the significant challenges organizations face when dealing with global talent is retaining them in the long run. It’s not just about getting them there; it’s about making sure they’re happy,  settled and feel integrated in their new environment. Dissatisfied, unsettled employees (or their families) are more likely to consider leaving, and turnover can be costly for companies.

Enter MoveMyTalent: Your Strategic Partner

We’re well-equipped for the troubles of relocation and with our experienced consultants, we know exactly what your talents and their families need when making such a huge move. Our partnership, simply put, is a game-changer for organizations looking to make relocation a seamless experience for their employees and their families. 

We take pride in adopting a tailored approach to each relocation project and meeting the needs of the relocating talents, their families as well and their pets, if needed. From immigration to integration, we’re taking the stress off from HR and the assignee and we’ve got their backs through their entire journey in Estonia.

MoveMyTalent as an Employee Value Proposition

Integration Assistance: MoveMyTalent doesn’t just assist with the practicalities of relocation such as visas, residence permits, home search etc.; it goes the extra mile by providing integration support. This includes valuable intercultural training, helping employees understand and embrace the local culture. This can significantly reduce the culture shock and help employees feel more at home.

Captured by Rasmus Pitkänen at MoveMyTalent’s Community Picnic in September 2022

Family-Friendly Approach: Often, it’s not just the employees who struggle with relocation; their families do too. MoveMyTalent understands this and has been the sturdy partner of Work in Estonia in delivering a career program for the accompanying spouses to find their own footing in Estonia for the past 5 years. We also offer support with kindergarten or school search for the young ones, registering for social services or a family doctor if needed. Happy families mean happier employees, and this can positively impact their job performance.

Captured by Rasmus Pitkänen at MoveMyTalent’s Community Picnic September 2023

Community Events: Over the years, we’ve nurtured a vibrant and diverse community in Tallinn, engaged through a range of MoveMyTalent community events. These gatherings create valuable connections among recently relocated individuals or families, those who have experienced relocation before, and their families, along with Estonian HR professionals and our trusted partners. Catch a glimpse here.

The incredible support that the community consistently provides to one another never fails to impress us. With us, your employees gain access to an ecosystem that truly makes them feel at home.

Invest in Employee Well-Being with MoveMyTalent

In today’s competitive job market, attracting and retaining top talent is essential. By making MoveMyTalent’s services a part of your employee value proposition, you will not just make the relocation process smoother; you will also invest in your employees’ well-being and job satisfaction. Remember, happy, settled employees are more likely to stay with your organization, contribute positively, and become valuable assets in the long term.

So, if you’re looking to enhance your employer brand and showcase your commitment to your employees’ comfort and happiness, including MoveMyTalent relocation could be a great step forward. It’s a win-win for both your organization and your diverse team members.