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Even the most experienced nomads appreciate a helping hand.

Even the most experienced nomads appreciate a helping hand. - image

While MoveMyTalent’s services have relieved the stress of many relocating internationally for the first time, Brian is an example of how even the most experienced nomad still appreciates a helping hand when on the move.

The process of moving to Estonia from Poland provided very few surprises for Brian having experienced international relocation regularly through his line of work as a technical writer.

However, even with his knowledge and numerous encounters with talent relocation services in the past, Brian said MMT provided something the others could not.

“I had my fears whether my offer from Breakwater Technology to move to Tallinn would be cancelled because it was delayed during the Covid pandemic,” Brian said. “I corresponded with Lilika at MMT quite a few times during the wait and she was very supportive and reassuring about the process.”

Brian believes past experiences meant he had the moving process and paperwork covered, but tackling the uncertainty he had about his future was only achieved with the human element and morale support from MMT.

“I can’t say enough about Lilika. I appreciate when a staffer works closely with an employer, but also the way she provided that encouragement that it’ll all be ok.”

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