We’re in the people moving business. And we love it.

No conveyor belts here. We take pride in having the most personal relocation service on the market loved by high-growth startups and established corporations alike.

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Some of the companies wanting the best for their employees

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What makes MoveMyTalent the gold-standard of relocation?

  • MoveMyTalent really does care – its Net Promoter Score is 86
  • The service has successfully moved over 3000+ expats to Estonia
  • It provides a dedicated relocation conci+erge who knows each case inside and out
  • Clients receive a direct line of contact to the CEO and a 24/7 emergency number upon arrival
  • MoveMyTalent also has special programs for spouses knowing family happiness is crucial for a successful relocation
  • Our super-simple & secure online platform MUUV allows companies to initiate new relocation projects with just seconds and track the status of the process from wherever.

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Moving to Estonia is a life-changing event for your employees - MoveMyTalent makes sure their relocations become fond memories.

What the companies say?

“MoveMyTalent has been a key partner for Gamesys Estonia’s growth. We went from 17 employees to over 60 in about two years.”

Migűel Caron

Ballys Estonia, General Manager & Head of Baltics Studios

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“Our cooperation with MoveMyTalent has been excellent over the past five years. They have helped us with relocating non-EU citizens to Estonia, and we are very pleased with their services and communication.”

Taig Khris

OnOff CEO & Founder

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What you’ll get with MoveMyTalent

Clarity for you and the talent

For each relocation project, we’ll provide a checklist of steps, updating it as we move towards the finish line. The hiring manager has a clear overview of the real-time status of all the projects in the works.

Speed and reliability

We’ve successfully relocated thousands of people, with families/cats/dogs/grandparents, and continuously perfected our craft while doing so. We have the procedures and connections to get your talent feeling at home in the shortest time possible.

We treat people like people

Relocation is a life-changing decision and we treat it as such. We are dedicated to each and every person we work with. How else would we get all these gifts, thank you calls and recommendations?

A tailored approach that fits like a glove

Each person is different and so is their relocation story. Although the foundations are the same, the layers on top are specific to each case. We also understand that a little unexpectedness is expected in our business.

What we can help with

Immigration to Estonia

Estonian visa, residence permit and all other compulsory paperwork and registrations for foreign workers.

Destination services

From opening a bank account to getting a family doctor. Whatever must be arranged in a new country, we’ll help to get it done.

Home search

Introducing town, finding a perfect home, assisting with lease negotiations. We’ll even help you get pillows and blankets if needed!

School & kinderkarten search

Giving an overview of the Estonian education system, connecting you with schools/kindergartens and helping you find the best options for your little ones.

Trainings & networking

Getting your employees and their families really settled by town orientation, adjustment & cross-cultural trainings, networking.

Consultation for companies

From how to set up business in Estonia to global mobility related topics.

Frontline Team

MoveMyTalent’s small size allows it to work closely with its clients and provide a highly personal service with a focus on kindness and hospitality.

When not in the office: Loves picking berries and mushrooms.

Recommends: Hiking trails and campsites throughout the country and Summer Music Festivals.

Fun Fact: Was a volunteer police officer.

“It is kindness, curiosity and not being afraid of the unknown that guides me in life.”

Laura Sildmäe

Founder and CEO

When not in the office: Goes for long walks with her dog and kids.

Recommends: Taevaskoda in Põlvamaa and Arvo Pärt’s centre in Laulasmaa.

Fun Fact: Buys earrings as souvenirs for herself from her travels.

“See the good in everyone and everything.”

Lilika Käis

Relocation team lead

When not in the office: Loves spending time in Telliskivi, Noblessner or playing board games.

Recommends: Visiting islands like Saarema and Hiiumaa.

Fun Fact: Loves buying socks and hates wearing them.

“To handle yourself use your head and to handle others, use your heart.”

Leen Peterson

Senior Relocation Consultant

When not in the office: Hopping on a flight to explore a different country.

Recommends: Celebrating the magical Midsummer day in Estonia.

Fun Fact: Has visited over 60 countries.

“Every morning you have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them.”

Karolina Karu

Relocation and Sales Manager

When not in the office: Lost in a book or walking around the old town

Recommends: Exploring bogs

Fun Fact: I relocated with MoveMyTalent

“This above all: to thine own self be true.”

Devika Tawniya

Content and Social Media Wizard

When not in the office: Engaging in photography or immersed in a book

Recommends: Indulge the charm of Estonia’s nature throughout the changing seasons – from blooming wildflowers in the spring to the snowy winter wonderland

Fun Fact: I have lived in 11 cities

“Thoughts become things, choose the good ones.”

Kristiina Raudberg

Relocation Consultant

When not in the office:


Fun Fact:


Laura Oks

Relocation Consultant

When not in the office:


Fun Fact:


Saale Kreen

Relocation consultant

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