We’re in the people moving business.

And we love it.

No conveyor belts here. MoveMyTalent takes pride in having the
most personal relocation service on the market.
Loved by high-growth startups and established corporations alike.

Some of the companies wanting the best for their employees

What makes MoveMyTalent the gold-standard of relocation?

Moving to Estonia is a life-changing event for your employees -
MoveMyTalent makes sure their relocations become fond memories.

Our Success Stories

What you’ll get with MoveMyTalent

Clarity for you and the talent

For each relocation project, MoveMyTalent provide a checklist of steps, updated as the process nears the finish line. The hiring manager has a clear overview of the real-time status the projects in the works.

Speed and reliability

MoveMyTalent has successfully relocated thousands of people, with families, pets, grandparents, while continuously perfecting our craft. MMT has the procedures and connections to get your talent feeling at home as quickly as possible.

We treat people like people

Relocation is a life-changing decision and MoveMyTalent treats it as such. MMT is dedicated to each and every person it works with.

A tailored approach that fits like a glove

Each person is different and so is their relocation story. Although the foundations are the same, the layers on top are specific to each case. MoveMyTalent also understands to expect the unexpected in our business.

What we can help with

Immigration to Estonia

Estonian visa, residence permit and all other compulsory paperwork and registrations for foreign workers.

Destination services

From opening a bank account to finding a family doctor. Whatever must be arranged in a new country, MoveMyTalent will help to get it done.

Home search

Introductions to Estonia, finding a perfect home, assisting with lease negotiations. MoveMyTalent will even help you find pillows and blankets!

School & kinderkarten search

Finding the best solutions in education in Estonia for the employee’s family.

Trainings & networking

MoveMyTalent helps your employees and their families settle with town orientation, adjustment and cross-cultural trainings, and networking.

Consultation for companies

From how to set up business in Estonia to global mobility related topics.

Frontline Team

MoveMyTalent’s small size allows it to work closely with its clients and provide a highly personal service with a focus on kindness and hospitality.

Laura Sildmäe

Hanno Ahonen
Chief Executive Officer
+372 5647 7033

Lilika Käis
Relocation Consultant

Villem Vilipere 
Relocation Consultant

Saale Kreen
Relocation Consultant

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