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7 questions to ask before finalizing a relocation partner for your organization

7 questions to ask before finalizing a relocation partner for your organization - image

Relocation is a daunting process, not just for your international employee but your in-house/ people’s team as well. Thinking about immigration plans, laws, numerous forms to fill, appointments to make and the desire to make it a good experience for your talents might keep you on your toes at all times. And honestly, how you move your talent matters; which is why considering a relocation partner is a smart move.

A relocation partner should meet all your necessary requirements when it comes to services like documentation, immigration and destination help such as accommodation search etc. Apart from these, finding a provider that shares the same values as your organisation is imperative for a successful and long-term partnership.

Questions to ask before finalizing a relocation partner for your organization

Questions to ask before finalizing a relocation partner for your organization

To begin, you might want to find answers to these questions:

  1. Is employee/ talent relocation the main competence of the company?
  2. Can the provider offer all the services required by your organization in an organised manner?
  3. Can the provider offer a custom or tailored approach to fit your organisation’s needs?
  4. Is the provider well-equipped and accustomed to handling global relocation/immigration affairs?
  5. Does the provider offer a proven/demonstrated track record of their ability?
  6. Does the provider offer support through additional partners for destination services such as home search, bank, mobile and internet services, cab, temporary accommodation etc?
  7. Does the provider also offer emotional support and necessary handholding to your talents throughout the journey that is often so sensitive?

While several companies can get your employees from point A to point B, consider some additional factors before finalizing a relocation company for your organization:

Company Background factor for relocation partner

Company Background factor for relocation partner

Consider how long the relocation company has been in the business and the number of relocations they’ve successfully completed. If a service provider is recognized by or affiliated with prestigious global relocation organisations, it is an added benefit.

Company Reputation

Make sure you’re well informed about the positive and negative sentiments associated with the relocation company both online and offline. Read many reviews to determine the quality of service they provide. Seek out people around you who’ve either used their services or know of them to make a firm decision.

Services provided

You’ll find several companies offering similar and/or the same services but there’s always an extra little something that makes all the difference. From technology or ease of access to reliability and availability of relocation specialists, that little something could be anything that resonates with your organisation’s needs. Remember, a good relocation partner will work with you to craft a seamless experience for your talents while keeping your organisation’s needs as a priority.

Responsiveness factor for relocation partner

To build an amazing relocation partnership, communication is key. Make sure the company you’re finalizing is responsive and communicates well. Keeping you updated on every step of a talent’s journey and responding promptly.


Another key factor in building a stable relationship is choosing a company that operates transparently. When it comes to relocation, there shouldn’t be any surprises.  Find a relocation partner that keeps you up-to-date with every minute change in the status of your employee’s relocation journey.


Although technology can not replace the human connection, it makes it easy to quickly access files, data and check the progress of each project. A relocation partner that has just the right amount of tech dependency along with a strong human connection is the way to go.


support factor for relocation partner

An ideal relocation partner will provide sufficient handholding to your employees throughout their relocation journey while acting as an extension of your HR.

Finding the right relocation partner is like finding that missing piece of the puzzle, it has to fit and blend so well that talents cannot tell apart if their employer has outsourced the relocation assistance. And MoveMyTalent helps you achieve just that!

Having relocated over 2000 specialists from around the world to Estonia, we’re well-versed and well-equipped to face all sorts of relocation-related challenges. Our humble team has been in your talent’s shoes as ex-pats which allows them to offer support even beyond the process of relocation. With MoveMyTalent, your global employees are in safe and the most experienced hands in the town, so let’s get in touch and craft a wonderful relocation relationship.