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Getting to know Cloudmore

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Cloudmore Company, The Leading Cloud Commerce Solution is a company streamlining recurring services’ buying, selling, and management. They provide commerce automation used by leading CSP, MSP, and ISV to scale recurring revenue and boost customer engagement. With its offices in Stockholm, Belfast, and Tallinn, Cloudmore has been expanding rapidly. And MoveMyTalent has been helping them to get their very Cloudmorian-type of talent to Estonia.

Cloudmore expert opinion about MoveMyTalent

We spoke with Katri Delimoge, Head of People and Culture at Cloudmore to ask about their experience with MoveMyTalent, and here’s what she had to say…

“At Cloudmore, we’re focused on bringing on board talents who are true #Cloudmorians in their spirit and values. Our team is indeed a very international and diverse one, with MoveMyTalent playing a key role in enabling us to achieve that.”

“Earlier, when the recruitment volume wasn’t as high, the company had been handling the relocation in-house by itself but now that we have been growing so rapidly, it’s been the best decision to leave the relocation to the experts. MoveMyTalent has made it stressless and smooth for foreign talent to join our team from around the world.”

Rating us 15 on a scale of 10, Katri adds,

“I’ve never felt that MMT is an external partner, actually very much on the contrary:  I’ve always felt like we’re one big team who might be operating from different offices but work for the same goal. MMT is truly an extension of our People & Culture team since I´ve witnessed in my collaboration with MMT that talents have at times not even realized that we’ve had someone handle their relocation externally. That’s how well we’ve managed to build the collaboration.”

On three things that make the relationship work so smoothly, she adds:

  1. Sharing the same vision and values of providing the best/seamless talent experience.
  1. MMT allows the in-house People team to be hands-off and enables them to do what they do best. This way everyone can fulfill their roles most productively and effectively. In addition, they keep us updated on the development regularly and are always reachable.
  1. How personal the relationship is and how each relocation project is so well-tailored to meet and exceed expectations.

Relocate Vani Kalai to Cloudmore

We recently helped Cloudmore relocate Vani Kalai, their Quality Assurance Automation Engineer, from Bengaluru, India. It was Vani’s first global relocation, so we reached out to know how she’s doing in our little country, and here’s what she had to say, “The desire to relocate was always there. I have a few friends who live and work in Tallinn, and I had heard only good things about the digitally advanced society here. I truly wanted to live and experience it myself, and I am glad I seized the opportunity to work at a company like Cloudmore.”

Vani Kalai opinion of our service

Curious, we asked her about how her experience was with our services and she says,

“MoveMyTalent is doing an exceptional job and simplifying a foreigner’s life and work in Estonia. In my case, things went pretty smoothly. We got all the desired dates and I got my D-visa on time as well. Regarding my spouse’s relocation, we were in two thoughts, but MoveMyTalent helped us make a solid decision”.

As to how we got her here, it’s a story for another time. A very interesting one at it.

Dagny Aalde, People Operations Lead at Cloudmore, often deals with the kitchen side of relocation with us. She says, “I’ve been mostly working with Leen Peterson and I have to say she seems to be an expert on the topic and very trustworthy as well. It’s great to know experts are dealing with these topics. It would be so time-consuming to try to deal with it on our own.”

Vani adds, “Leen handled my case and she’s been there for me every step of the way, helping me understand the process and supporting me. Even though we were in different geographical locations, she was constantly available to clear my doubts and assisted me in getting a place to stay in the initial period and also with the apartment search.”

As Cloudmore’s account manager, our relocation specialist Leen adds, “The atmosphere at Cloudmore’s office is very free and casual. People are happy and greet you with a smile. It honestly feels like home and I believe that is how it should be for people who are miles away from home, families, and often from their loved ones.”

Different cultures

Different cultures

Vani attests to Leen’s belief and says, “With Cloudmore my experience has been amazing. People are so kind, helpful, and amicable here! The most wonderful part of working at Cloudmore is that it has so many different cultures under one roof! They are truly diverse which makes it so easy to get along. No one makes you feel that you are a newbie.”

On working with the team at Cloudmore, Leen shares, “My first contact with Cloudmore was through Katri. My collaboration with her goes back years before she joined Cloudmore. She is THE people’s person. Someone who is always open to listening and is super caring. Communication with her is always flawless. Even if we don’t speak regularly, I know that I can always reach out to her.”

“Dagny has joined recently and we haven’t met in person yet, just over emails, video calls, and chats. But I can tell with certainty that she is very focused and straightforward. She’s super responsive to all my emails as well, it’s like she has been waiting for my emails,” Leen adds with a smile. “Finding solutions is a piece of cake for Dagny. And Victoria, Cloudmore’s Office Manager, is a little ray of sunshine.”

Katri adds, “You can’t put a price tag on the quality of service and the ROI (Return On Investment) MoveMyTalent provides. When we considered getting a relocation partner onboard, the decision to go with MoveMyTalent was a no-brainer.”

In the End

Our partnership with Cloudmore has indeed been effortless. We’ve built this relationship on the shared value of treating people well and not as projects, and the credit truly lies with their awesome People & Culture team.