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How to get Estonia Job offer visa?

How to get Estonia Job offer visa? - image

The beautiful country of Estonia is one of the countries located in the Baltic region, which is located in the northeast of Europe. To create jobs and attract foreign tourists, Estonia provides different types of visas to applicants if they are eligible. Among these immigration programs to obtain a visa and work in Estonia, we can mention the Estonia job offer visa. In the continuation of the content, we will describe the Estonian job offer visa for you, dear friends, to get to know more. Stay with us to get comprehensive and specialized information in the above field.



Since the beginning of 2004, Estonia has joined the European Union and the Atlantic Treaty, and because of this, it has a special position in the eyes of foreign immigrants and tourists. High vegetation cover, a democratic political system, a favorable climate, numerous beautiful islands, and high level of literacy and education have made Estonia the 24th best country to live and work in and the 60th most expensive country in the world. be considered

The capital of Estonia is the beautiful city of Tallinn, which is one of the most historic cities in Estonia. Among the best and most important cities in Estonia, we can mention the cities of Tallinn, Tartu, Narva, Haapsalu, Korsar, Raku, Parno, and Viljandi.

Estonia job offer visa

Estonia job offer visa

In recent years, with Estonia’s progress in the field of smart technology, this country has provided applicants with several different types of work visas for job migration. This visa is one of the types of work visa in Estonia. By using Estonian job offer visa applicants will be able to obtain this type of work visa if they have sufficient skills, provided they manage to receive a job offer invitation letter from an Estonian employer.

One of the most important points when applying for a job in Estonia is that the applicants are required to have high skills, sufficient command of the language, as well as having experience, and educational qualifications related to the desired job field.

It should be noted that it is simply not possible to get a job offer visa in Estonia or other European countries. In most countries, the employer must advertise the recruitment of his workforce for 6 months in the entire European Union. Then, after 6 months have passed from the date of the labor recruitment request and the desired European person cannot be found, the employer will be allowed to publish his recruitment advertisement in foreign countries to choose the desired person from among the foreign applicants.

Right now, in the continuation of the content, we are going to review the conditions, steps, costs, and documents required to receive the Estonia job offer visa for your information, dear companions. We recommend that you stay with us until the end of the content.

Requirements for receiving an Estonia job offer visa

Requirements for receiving an Estonia job offer visa

Due to the diversity in the types of work visas, the conditions required to obtain each of these visas can be slightly different from the other type. But in general, we can use the following criteria to know the conditions required to receive a job offer visa and also to receive other work visas in Estonia:

  • Being over 18 years old
  • Having a valid academic degree
  • Having sufficient command of English or Estonian language
  • Receive a job offer invitation from an Estonian employer
  • Having experience and work experience related to the requested job field
  • Having enough financial resources to stay in Estonia for a few months

Procedures for obtaining a job offer visa for Estonia

Receiving any type of visa in all foreign countries immigrants are required to go through certain processes and steps, and receiving a job offer visa in Estonia is no exception to this rule. In the following, we describe the procedures for receiving the Estonian job offer visa in order:

  • Get your job offer invitation letter and prepare the required documents
  • Providing Biometric and submitting the D-visa application to the Estonian Embassy
  • Receiving the result of the visa application and if visa was issued travel to Estonia
  • Get an appointment with the Police of Immigration and submit Residence Permit Application
  • If the applicant’s request is approved, take the necessary steps to start working in this country

The cost of getting an Estonia job offer visa

Considering the difference in the cost of obtaining each type of work visa or residence permit, it can be said that the cost of issuing each of these visas in Estonia is equivalent to 120 to 200 euros on average. Also, one of the important points is that visa issuance costs must be paid by the visa applicant to the relevant organizations regardless of the result of the application.

Documents required to receive an Estonia job offer visa

About the documents required to receive the Estonian job offer visa, it can be said that it is necessary and necessary to have all the following documents in hand at the time of receiving the Estonian Work Visa. Also, consider which countries you are a citizen of; You have to send the required separate documents to the Estonian employer on job sites.

We are now examining the documents required to receive the Estonia job offer visa:

  • Certificate of financial ability
  • Valid travel documents
  • Visa payment receipt
  • Certificate of penal history and criminal record
  • Original birth certificate along with copies of all pages (in case applying with family)
  • The personal photo was taken in the last six months
  • Invitation letter of a job offer or signed by the Estonian employer
  • Documents proving that you intend to live in Estonia
  • Application form with applicant’s signature to receive the visa approval


Based on the above information, it can be said that the process of receiving an Estonia job offer visa is not long if the visa applicant resides in one of the EU countries or the European region. Otherwise, the applicant must have the necessary conditions to receive this visa, so that if an opportunity arises, he can make the most of it and succeed in receiving the desired visa.