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The best cities in Estonia for expats and global talents

The best cities in Estonia for expats and global talents - image

Estonia is one of the most beautiful European countries located in the Baltic area, This country remains like a diamond in northern Europe, Many people ask if this country is suitable for families or single expats and if Estonia is a good place to live. The truth is that this country offers many advantages in terms of living conditions. In the following, we will review immigration to Estonia and The best cities for immigration, living and working, stay with us.

Estonia is the northernmost country of the Baltic states with the Baltic Sea in the east. It has a flat landscape and many lakes and islands. Its capital, Tallinn, is one of the most beautiful and well-preserved cities in Estonia and Europe.

Benefits of immigrating to Estonia

Regarding with an Estonian passport, it is possible to travel to 169 countries, including the United States of America, Japan, and Canada, However, Estonia doesn’t accept dual citizenship, and in order to get its citizenship you need to revoke your previous one.

Travel visa-free around EU countries

Estonian residents have the right to stay short-term in any EU country, more specifically up to 90 days during each 180 days. To stay longer or permanently in one of the EU countries, you must get a residence permit and register your place of residence with the police.

High level of medical care

The Estonian Health Insurance Fund Haigekassa is considered one of the world’s most advanced and efficient healthcare systems. You may find more information on the Estonian Health Insurance website.

The official retirement of work in the European Union

There are no legal differences in employment between Estonians and citizens of other EU countries. Regarding the WorkEstonia website, After 15 years of working in the territory of this state, the right to receive a pension is activated for you.

Receive a European education

Estonian residency provides an opportunity to study in European universities in any specialized field with the right to apply for a scholarship or grant. The University of Tartu is among the top universities in Europe and is located in Tartu, Estonia.

Simple business registration in Europe

Doing business in Estonia is very easy, thanks to the favorable tax system and educated workforce. Business management is available online both at home and abroad. You may register your business by using e-residency in a single day with no paperwork. just a few clicks! it’s even the same for banking and other business needs you can simply access the European market from a non-EU country remotely.

The best cities in Estonia for immigration

Here we introduce the best cities in Estonia for immigration. These cities will impress you with their culture, unique landscape features, and stunning views.


Tallinn; Estonian cities for immigration

Tallinn is the most important cultural and business center and one of the best cities in Estonia for expats. It is also a tourist destination. This capital has a distinct medieval spirit and is a modern city at the same time. Tallinn is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List and there are great places to visit in this old city. These places include a magnificent medieval castle.

These historical places are amazing. You will find stunning medieval architecture in the city. Tallinn has 20 watchtowers. These towers are perfect for enjoying the beautiful view of the city neighborhood and the Baltic Sea. From Tallinn, you can start your Baltic cruise and visit other Baltic countries such as Latvia and Lithuania, and you may have a trip to Finland or Sweden.


tartu; Estonian cities for immigration

The city of Tartu is one of the most visited, unique, and best cities in Estonia for immigration. Especially for Education Immigrants, This city stands out for its youthful spirit. Tartu has the oldest universities in Northern Europe and offers a lively nightlife. This city has many cafes, theaters, museums, and concert halls. If you are interested in the bohemian lifestyle, choose Tartu as a place to live and one of the best cities in Estonia to move to.

Also, this city contains uncountable beautiful tourist attractions in Estonia and is one of the best places to live for many expats. This is thanks to its architecture, cozy location, and unique atmosphere. Tartu is the second largest city in Estonia with a landscape of hills and lakes and has become a cultural, historical, and sports hub. Places not to be missed in Tartu are its old town and the Tartu Cathedral.


parnu; Estonian cities for immigration

If any of you are looking for a quiet beach resort with modern amenities, Pärnu is the place to go. This city is in the southwestern region of Estonia and has luxurious sanatoriums and spa centers. Many tourists, especially Finns, choose Pärnu as a holiday destination and one of the best cities in Estonia to move to. The city’s location between the capital of Latvia and Tallinn has made it popular among many Scandinavians. This city is the best summer vacation spot for tourists from all over the world.

Pärnu is also a medieval town famous for its historic Spas. These Spas are ideal for winter. Since 2014, this city has reopened its mud baths. With their help, Pärnu has become one of Estonia’s best cities to move to.


haapsalu; Estonian cities for immigration

If you want to know which are the best cities in Estonia to move to, checking out Haapsalu is a great choice. It’s a small, quiet seaside resort on the west coast of the country, in the most interesting rural area of Estonia. This city has been popular for years because of its seawater and healing flowers. Haapsalu is a great place to relax and spend time on a pleasant walk through the neighborhoods.

The castle and the old town area are the most visited area of Haapsalu. We recommend you also visit the railway museum of this city (a spectacular show that you will not regret). Other valuable features of one of Estonia’s best expat cities are its wooden buildings, mud spas, spa culture, and restaurants.

The mud spa culture has played an important role in Haapsalu’s development, making the town very popular for medical tourism. In summer, the city also hosts an impressive variety of international festivals.

Hiiumaa Island

This island is known as one of the best places in Estonia and is recommended by travel guides. It is the second largest island in the country and attracts with its stunning scenery. Hiiumaa Island has historic lighthouses, nature preserves, and cozy rural locations. One of the lighthouses on this island was built in the 16th century and is now known as the oldest lighthouse in the world. Surfers, sailors, mountaineers, and nature lovers are frequent visitors.

Undoubtedly, there are many cities and islands in Estonia as the best cities in Estonia to move to. But we chose 2 islands and one city: Kihnu Island, Sarma Island, and Thala.

Kihnu Island

This island can’t boast of bustling nightlife or modern buildings, but it is like a gem in Estonia and it is safe to say that it is one of the best cities in Estonia to move to. This city is distinguished by its diverse culture, magnificent rural architecture, and coastal nature.

Most of the island’s locals are fishermen, so seafood includes fresh seafood. You can try a variety of traditional seafood dishes in the restaurants on this island. Those who love the noisy and urban lifestyle will not feel comfortable on Kihnu Island. It is best suited for expats looking for a place to escape to learn more about Estonian culture.

Saaremaa Island

saaremaa; Estonian cities for immigration

The island of Saaremaa is the largest island in Estonia and one of the best cities in Estonia for immigration. The island offers good rural areas and allows you to get to know the deep local culture of the area. The natives of the island value their traditions and wear typical clothes for their culture. They live in stone houses and use a special dialect to communicate.

It can be hard for expats to get used to. Despite that, the island of Saaremaa has wonderful natural spots. These tourist spots include cliffs, many parks, and unique butterfly species. On this island, you will find big trees, wild gardens, and lowlands attractive.

One of the must-see spots on the island of Saaremaa is the Kali crater, the largest crater in Europe. Fortunately, it is open to visitors all year round. The island of Saaremaa is famous for its sweet bread, Estonian sorrel, home-brewed beer, and old windmills.


While there are many areas as the best places to relocate to Estonia, some of them might not be great choices; So, is it safe to live in Estonia? The answer is definitely yes. The overall crime rate in this country is very low. The best cities for relocating to Estonia are different for each person and depend on their priorities. The cities and islands mentioned above are good options and can be successful choices for expats. also keep in mind, before or after relocating to Estonia, the SettleEstonia program is designed to help you with starting your new journey in Estonia easier, and also MoveMyTalent is here to help you with your relocation tasks.