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Tourist attractions of Estonia

Tourist attractions of Estonia - image

If you want to spend your vacation in a country that has countless churches, the name Estonia will come up. The variety of tourist attractions in Estonia has attracted tourists from all over the world and has made this country one of the most important tourist destinations. In this article, we will talk about the geographical location, culture, and tourist attractions of Estonia. We recommend reading the end of the article carefully to get complete information about Estonia.

Estonia is located in the Baltic region and Northern Europe. Estonia has a moderate climate and is a country with four seasons. The population of this country is about 1400000 people. The capital of this country is Tallinn and the currency of Estonia is Euro.

Tourist attractions of Estonia

The official language of this country is Estonian. More than 70% of the population of Estonia is irreligious, and for this reason, this country has one name of the most irreligious people in the world. Among the important cities of Estonia for tourism, we can mention Tallinn, Parno, Voro, Narva, Mardo, Paide, Viljandi, Tartu, and Kotla.

The most beautiful medieval city in Tallinn is the Old Town, which has cobbled streets and very stylish and cozy cafes. There are souvenir shops near most of the famous churches and most of the sellers are familiar with English.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

This beautiful church is located in Tallinn. Numerous decorations are used in all parts of this impressive church, and for this reason, it has earned the title of the beating heart of Tallinn. Also, due to the ban on taking pictures of this complex, no clear picture of the inside of this beautiful church has been taken.

Kadriorg Palace

Kadriorg Palace; tourist attractions of Estonia

Kadriorg Palace has many works of art located in Tallinn. German, Russian, Dutch, and Italian paintings belonging to the 18th century are available in this palace. The most eye-catching objects in this museum are porcelain dishes with communist designs. There is also a large garden behind the palace, which was built in the French style.

Tallinn Seaplane Harbor

Tallinn Ship line Harbor is located in the city of Tallinn and is considered one of the most beautiful places to visit. This place is not a port, but a museum, and various exhibitions are held in this beautiful and spectacular museum.

The Tales Museum of Tallinn

The Museum of Tales of Tallinn is located in the city of Tallinn and has attracted the attention of those interested in horror stories. In this museum, the old legends of Tallinn are told with exciting music.

Careers Museum

In this museum, you will learn about the wartime atmosphere in Tallinn. (War between Russia and Germany with Estonia)

Oleviste Church

Oleviste Church; tourist attractions of Estonia

This very old and beautiful church has many steps which can be pleasant for climbers.

Priti Monastery

Priti Monastery has many monuments and cemeteries and is considered one of the historical buildings.

Tallinn Museum

If we want to introduce a well-known and comprehensive museum for tourism, we can talk about Tallinn City Museum. Because of the objects and models in this museum, you can get to know the history of this country.

Estonian Maritime Museum

The Estonian Maritime Museum is located in Margate Tower, which is located within the coastal gate. In this tower, there are boats, Neolithic fishing equipment, and antique diving equipment, which are very eye-catching.

Tallinn Maiden Tower; tourist attractions of Estonia

Tallinn Maiden Tower; tourist attractions of Estonia

Among the towers built in the 14th century, which are very strong, we can mention the Maiden Tower of Tallinn. This tower has a beautiful coffee house, an extraordinary view, and a famous cafe, which has increased its glory due to the renovation.

Tallinn city wall

Tallinn city wall is located in this city and is one of the best fortifications in Europe. This wall has 20 defense towers that increase the attractiveness of Tallinn.

St. Olav’s Church and Tower

The construction style of this church is Gothic, which is 159 meters high, and in ancient times it was the tallest church. Due to the lightning strike on this historic church and the presence of three stages of fire in this place, a lightning rod has been attached to the top of the church to protect it from lightning.

The twin towers of Viru Gate; tourist attractions of Estonia

In previous centuries, 8 gates were connected using towers. After some time, they lowered the gates to create a way to enter the old cities. Today, these towers are known as the most attractive gates of the city.

Hall square

Talar Square is located in Tallinn and has Gothic architecture. Due to having entertainment places, a dining hall, and a cafe; This Square has gained special popularity and also has a peaceful atmosphere and is considered the heart of Tallinn.

Toompea Castle; tourist attractions of Estonia

Toompea Castle; tourist attractions of Estonia

Toompea Castle is one of the most extraordinary castles in Tallinn. There is a platform on this hill that will give you a very eye-catching view.

Kolure Fort

This 13th-century castle was built in one of the cities of Estonia.

Corsair Castle

Corsair was located in the 1380s on the island of Saaremaa in the city of Kuressaare.

Laiuse Castle

This castle is located in the city of Ugvai and is the first castle against firearms in Estonia. Lyose was damaged by the Russians in the wars that took place and were also the administrative center of the Swedish Empire for 5 months.

Lahemaa National Park

This Park is a protected area in this country. Lahemaa National Park is one hour away from the capital. This park has very attractive trees and a beautiful village. Lahemaa National Park is a park in northern Estonia, 70 kilometers east of the capital Tallinn. The Gulf of Finland is to the north of the park and the Tallinn-Narva highway is to the south. Its area covers 747 km². It was the first area to be designated a national park of the former Soviet Union.

Tallinn’s Linahall Heliport; tourist attractions of Estonia

This place is a private airport with the code IATA, which is located in the city of Tallinn and is located at a height of 7 meters above sea level.

Lake Ermistu

Ermistuis located in the city of Parno and the area of this lake is about 4.8 square kilometers its depth varies between 1.3 and 2.4 meters.

Lake Ülemiste; Tourist attractions of Estonia

This lake is located in the city of Tallinn the area of this lake is 9436 square kilometers and its depth varies between 2.5 and 4.2 meters.

Lake Endla

Lake Endla is located in Yugwa city the area of this lake is 2.84 square kilometers and its depth varies between 0.8 and 2.4 meters.

National Library of Estonia

This library has been chosen as the main national library of Estonia and has many books in the fields of music, architecture, art, and other fields.

Rakvere Castle

This castle is located in the north of Estonia and was built in the 16th century. This castle has a special beauty in the eyes of tourists and has become a kind of medieval park.

Narva Castle; Tourist attractions of Estonia

Narva Castle is located in the east of Estonia, which was bombed during the war. Another name for this castle is Herman, and there is a museum inside this castle, which is also called Herman. This museum has works and handicrafts that express the art of people in the Middle Ages.

Hiiumaa Island

Hiiumaa is an island in Estonia located north of Saaremaa in the Baltic Sea. It is the northernmost island in the Muhu archipelago, which includes Saaremaa and Muhu. Hiiumaa has a low relief (up to 68 m above sea level) and is mostly formed of limestone, which is exposed in cliffs around parts of the island’s coast. In the North of the island, there are a series of fossilized beaches preserved as uplift has occurred. The modern beaches are primarily on the northern and western coastlines. The natural environment is pro-tected within the Tahkuna Nature Reserve and West Estonian Archipelago Biosphere Reserve. Sarima Island is one of the most important tourist attractions in Estonia

Hermann castle

Hermann Castle was built by one of the Danish kings and is located near the Narva River. Therefore, this castle is very attractive to tourists.

Ahaa Science Center Estonia

Those who have high curiosity and are adventurous in the field of science and knowledge can choose this scientific center as their travel destination.

Hellenurme watermill museum; tourist attractions of Estonia

This museum is located in the village of Palupera and is one of the historical monuments.

Estonian TV Tower

The TV tower is located in the city of Tallinn and is 170 meters above the ground, and you can also go to the deck of this TV tower to see the city of Tallinn.

The Church of the Holy Cross; tourist attractions of Estonia

This 700-year-old church is located in HarjuRisit. Tourists can go to the top of this beautiful tower and watch spectacular views.

The End

Estonia has many tourist attractions that attract different immigrants from all over the world every year. By carefully reading this article, you can know the tourist attractions of this country and then choose your desired destination for travel.